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Institution Management


- A private education institution opened,

- Educational environments of the institution; to the legislation of education and training affairs, office works, personnel affairs, student / trainee affairs and financial affairs

  regulated and carried out in accordance with

- Assigning foreign national teachers, obtaining work permit approval for the personnel,

- Transactions related to free and scholarship students,

- Wage announcement, advertising business and transactions,

- Matters to be considered in accruals on payrolls,

- Conditions for granting additional payments within the scope of social assistance,

- Tax and SSI premium accruals in payments such as family allowance, child benefit, maternity benefit, death benefit, education preparation allowance,

- Determining the number of the main duty training personnel to be assigned in the institution,

- Preparing a strategic plan by analyzing the internal and external environment of the institution,

- Establishing and implementing managerial strategies to improve corporate competency and performance,

- Making job and job descriptions for the human resources of the institution,

- Providing in-service trainings for the development of the human resources of the institution, 

  etc. We provide professional support on issues.

MEB - Bilişim Sistemleri

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