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The private education institution that we will consult;

  • Not to harm the founder - founder representative by opening it quickly and on time in accordance with the Private Education Institutions Law, Bylaws, Regulations and other legislation. ​​

  • To ensure that real or legal persons are duly registered with the finance, chamber and other institutions, and to direct the documents to be prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of National Education. ​​

  • Informing the founder/founder representative to get correct and sufficient fixtures and training materials. ​​

  • To follow the process from application to institution license by preparing a proper file. ​​

  • Making the institution ready for education

Our consultant 
Clever PALU

He completed his primary and secondary education in Elazig.
He graduated from the Faculty of Office Management and Business Administration.

After serving in the Directorates of National Education for 28 years
He retired from the Private Education Institutions Branch in 2015.

He is now here to serve you as a consultant!..



Yedisu MEB-Private Education Institution Consult. Ltd. Sti.

Our company was founded by Zeki PLALU, who retired in 2015 at the Ministry of National Education, Private Education Institutions Branch.

He has been a consultant to nearly 500 private education institutions throughout Turkey until today.


Yedisu MEB-Private Education Institution Consultancy

Ninehatun Mah. 177th Street No: 1/3
Esenler / Istanbul

GSM  : +90 539 760 15 00

Business Phone : +90 539 760 15 00 

Çapa 1
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Yedisu Meb - Özel Öğretim Kurum Danışmanlığı
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