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Our team

* Consultant 

  • Making a preliminary examination of the place where the institution will be opened, 
    to the owners of the institution in detail about the whole process.
    The addressee in all matters is the consultant.

* Engineer - Architect

  • Draws the layout plan of the place where the institution will be opened,

  • Prepares earthquake resistance report.

*  Construction, Modification and Repair Works

* Final Preparation and Application

  •   Filling the Application Form,

  •   Legal (company) and Private (individual) Taxpayer documents

  •   Tradesmen or Chamber of Commerce registration

  •   Fire and Health report  

  •   By preparing the file with the title deed, lease agreement and all other documents,  

  •   Submission to the Directorate of National Education

In our staff with academic qualifications, experts in their fields, analytical thinking, solution-oriented approach and public experience;

  • Educational Administration and Supervision Specialist Academician

  • Specialist as an Education Inspector

  • Construction engineer

  • architect

  • Electrical engineer 

  • Our Financial Advisors are included. 

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